"Finicky": Paint Program
3D Sample Applications
3D Soccer Field
A 3D demo w/o DirectX or OpenGL
A Collection of Bitmap Routines
A Colorpicker that uses WebSafe Colors.
A demonstration of the Circle draw method in VB6
A Line Object Class
A Photoshop-style Color Picker
A Tool to Map Images Using VB.NET
A Working Screen Saver (Based on an article from the author)
About Icons/Icon Extraction (Article)
Adjust a Picture's Brightness Level
Advanced Color Functions with Limited API Usage
AlphaBlending Demo
Animated Oil-Like Background Effect.
Animating Windows
Animation using BitBlt: Demo
Apply a Color Palette to a Picture
Auto Redraw Property Demo
Auto Scroll Picture Box
Basic Image Editor
BitBlt Animation Demo
BitBlt API Function Demonstration
Blend the Images from Two Picture Boxes
Bubbles Effect on a Form
Calculate an Angle given Two Connected Lines
Calendar Class
Cascading All Windows
Center a Form on Multi-Monitor Desktops
Change Desktop Icon Text Color or Make the Text Transparent
Change The Windows Wallpaper
Checkerboard Screen Saver
Chessboard Screen Saver Version 2.0
Christmas Tree Screen Saver
Circle Color Gradient
Circle, Semi-Circle, and Oval Drawer
Circular Form/Image Rotation Demo
Collision Detection and Evasion Demo
Color Gradient Box
Color Pallette
Color Picker
Color Picker: Returns Exact Value of Color From Image in PictureBox
Color Selection Using ChooseColorAPI Function
Color, AlphaBlending, Transparant, Limited API Usage
Color/Font Code Viewer,Selector, and Builder
Colorful, Full Screen Pattern
Combine Two Pictures Transparently
Convert Across Units of Measurements
Convert any color into a web-safe color.

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