Activation Key of Your Application
Add and Retrieve Multiple Values to the Registry
Add Items to Right Click Start Menu
Associate File Extension with Application
Change Desktop Settings Via the Registry
Change System Policies and Settings
Change the registered owner of your windows copy
Create a File Association by Automating Windows Scripting Host
Create a File Type Association
Create a Registry Key
Detect DirectX Version
Display/Remove Projects from the Visual Basic Recent File List
Easy Access to the Registry
Enumerate Registry Subkeys, Entries and Values
Extract System Info From the Registry
File Association Utility: Easy Way to Add and Edit Associations
File Association Wizard
Get the Windows XP Account Type; Limited or Administrator
Graphical Interface to RegSvr32
Hide Drives from Display in My Computer
Invert Mouse Buttons
Jump To a Key in RegEdit
Monitor Changes to the Registry
OLE Server View: Displays Registered Classes and Controls
Open Mulitple Instances of ICQ
Program to register multiple DLLs and OCXs in a SubFolder
Provide a Background Bitmap for the IE toolbar
Read and Modify the Registry.
Read, Write, and Delete From Registry
Register and Unregister a DLL on a Local Machine
Register and Unregister Active X Components (DLLs and OCXs)
Register OCXs and Dlls
Register OCXS/Dlls without RegSvr32
Register/ Unregister Multiple OCXs/DLLs at The Same Time
Register/ Unregister OCX/DLL Utility
Register/Unregister Active X Components from the Context Menu
Register/Unregister Type Libraries Using the Command Line or The Right-Click Context Menu
Registration program
Registry Access Wrapper Class
Registry API Wrapper
Registry Duster 2.0 Beta
Registry Editor w/ No APIs
Registry Handler
Registry Manipluation .DLL
Registry Module; Includes Import/Export Functionality
Registry Reader for Remote Computers
Registry Searcher
Remove the Love Virus from Your System
Replacement for VB's SaveSetting and GetSetting
Return the Full Path for a Given MS Office Application

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