Network / Internet


Automatically remove the C$ share upon startup
Beach Cam Version 2
Beginner's Winsock Example
Check an e-mail address for validity (VB 6 and up)
Check if a User Account (ADSI or NT) is Disabled (VB Script)
Check whether the network is installed
Check your IP in a snap
Combined UI for Internet Apps (Web Browser, FTP, Chat and more)
Connect to an http Server via Winsock
Create an Internet Shortcut
Create your own web Browser easily
Determine if a Given Value could be an IP Host address
Determine if a TCP/IP Port is In Use
Display or Change Windows Firewall Settings
Download a Page from the Web and Save it to a File
FreeVBCode Code Browser
Get Computer Network Information
How To Send Data To Msn
Introduction to Client/Server Applications using Winsock Control
IP Address Entry Control
Keep Internet Connections Alive
List All Accounts on a Computer or Domain (WMI/VBScript)
MIME ISO Charset decoder functions
Multiple Browser Web Browsing
Open the Default Email Progam to Send Email (Improved Version)
Print a Web Page
Put a Hyperlink on a Form
Raw TCP/IP Socket using VB.
Retrieve Your Local IP Address and Host Name and Save it To The Desktop
Return Drive Letter or UNC Drive Spec Given a Path
Rich Text Control for Browsers
Send E-Mail using VB's MAPI control.
Simple FTP Application
Simple FTP GET Sample
Strip Images from an HTML file and Save the File
Testing Internet Connection State
Validate IP Address
WhoIs Utility