Network / Internet


A Graphical Bandwidth Meter
An Asynchronous, Multithreaded nSocket TCP Server
AOL 8.0 Scrambler Bot
AOL Instant Messenger Client
AutoFTP: Schedules FTP Downloads
Bandwith Monitor
Capture and Display SNMP Packets
Change a User's Password (w/o Active Directory)
Chat or File Transfer With The Winsock Control Over TCP/IP
Complete USENET Posting Application
Convert a file path to a UNC path
Create a chat room using the Winsock control.
CryptIM: Fully Encrypted Instant Messaging System
Demonstrates 3 ways to Detect Whether Internet Connection is Active
Develop CGI Programs in Visual Basic
Display All Domain Names on the Network in a List or Combo Box
Display Networked Computers in a List Box
Enumerate a list of machines in the local workgroup or domain
Enumerate all Groups a User Belongs To (NT or 2000)
Enumerate All Users on an NT/2000 Domain
Enumerate Windows NT Trusted Domains
Firewall Application
Force Password Change At Next Logon
FTP Client
FTP Client Using WinInet.dll
FTP Transfer Class, using wininet.dll
Get Weather Conditions For Almost Any Region Of The World
Gets the Name of the Primary Domain Controller for the Current Machine
Http Server
IE Pop-Up Window Manager
IE SPY: Monitor and Log each URL visited by Internet Explorer
Internet Connection/Dial-Up Networking Class
Internet Explorer History and Cookies Viewer
Internet Tools Suite Version 2.0
IRC Server
LAN/Internet Mail Server
Legendary ChatTool V2.00 Beta
MAC Addresses of your LAN Computers
Map a Network Drive
Map Drives to Novell Netware or MS NT Servers
minIIS is the ONLY Web Server with Real CGI Support (not WinCGI pattent)
MSN Client Version 1.2
msoutlook vb source code
Name resolution / Ping utilities Version 1.5
Net Cafe Proj
NetStat/Internet Statistics Via API
Network Browser
Network Information (for Windows NT/2000 only)
Network Information/Modification Module (NIMM)
Network Neigborhood

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