Multimedia / Games

MP3 Cataloger
MP3 Mixer with ID3 Tag Support.
MP3 Module: Read/Write Tags, Decode Genre
MP3 Player w/Multiple Color Schemes, Playlist, Volume/Balance Control and More
MP3 Player with Load List/Save List Functions
Mp3 Player with WinAmp-Like Interface
MP3 Tag Editor
MPG Player
MS Agent Tutorial
Multi-Media player using Directx 9
Multiemedia Player with Playlist, Tag Editor and Search Option
Multimedia Hang Man Game
Multimedia Matching Game
Multimedia Scrolling Credits Demo
Multimedia Slot Machine Game
Multimedia Tic Tac Toe Game
Musical Alarm Clock
NBS Catalogue is a movie catalog for digital video
Noughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe) with Polymorphic AI
Number Train: A Child's Game to Help With Number Skills
Open GL Demo
Open or Shut the CD-ROM Drive Door
Pac Man Millenium
Pacman Game
Paint Application with many Effects and Filters
Pairs: A Memory Game.
PC Board Game, Example of Arrays - (.NET)
Picture Puzzle
Play .wav files without API (using Multimedia Control): Demo
Play a .wav file
Play a MIDI Piano and Drums, Read MIDI files and Events
Play an AVI file
Play and Stop MIDI files
Play AVI Videos without an OCX
Play Mod (A Music File Format) Files
Play Windows Default Sounds
Playing Card ActiveX Control with Container
Playing Sounds in VB: Demo Application
Poker Game
Pong for Beginners
Pong Plus
Power Word: Tetris-Like Game Using Words (v 2.0)
Projector: VCD/MP3/AVI Player
Puzzle Game Using Any Picture
Quad-Ball, An Original Game by the Author.
Quick Mixer: Audio Volume Control Application
Random Number Guessing Game
Randomly play .wav Files
Read and Set the Systems Master Volume Settings

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