Multimedia / Games

Brainvita: Board and Marble Game
BreakOut game
Breakout-like Game
Bricks Game
Build Your Own CD Player; a module of CD functions.
Card Game Objects: Cards, Decks, Hands, Players, BlackJackGame
Card Shuffling Using Class Module
Cards32: DLL for Creating Card Games
CD Player
CD Player with Irregularly Shaped Interface
CD Player with Volume Control
CD, Wav, and MIDI Player
Change Screen Resolution/Color Depth When App Gains or Loses Focus.
Checkers Game
Checkers game with Full Artificial Intelligence Built In
Chess Game/Chess Engine Version 2.0
Classic Snake Game, Simple Version
Collection of Simple Games in One Application
Collision Avoidance Line Game
Color Preview and Gradient Creator
Complete Square: computerized version of connect the dots game
Concentration Game (and Illustration of How to Implement Shareware)
Connect 4 Game (Human vs. Computer)
Counterstrike Log Parser (and Regular Expresssion Demo)
Cracker Barrel Game
Crazy Ball: An Interactive Game
Create Animation using BitBlt API
Create Robots that can run Crawl, Bounce, or Roll.
Creating a Direct Draw Application (Tutorial)
Database and Player for MP3, WMA and MIDI files
DealCard handles dealing and shuffling for card games
Destruct Game: Clear Block Combinations to Earn Points
Determine if a Sound Card is Installed
Direct Animation OCX Examples
Direct Music Tutorial
Direct Sound .WAV Player
Direct Sound Tutorial
Direct X Breakout Game
Direct X Pong Game
Direct X Sound Demo
Direct3D Landscape Generator
Dominoes Game
Draw 3D Isometric Terrains
Draw Poker User Control
DTMF Dialer
E-,Music: Store and Play Albums
Edit Diablo II Saved Games
Elevator Man; A Game using BitBlt and Collision Detection
Enlarged Minesweeper Game

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