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PC Board Game, Example of Arrays - (.NET)
Picture Puzzle
Play .wav files without API (using Multimedia Control): Demo
Play a MIDI Piano and Drums, Read MIDI files and Events
Play an AVI file
Play Mod (A Music File Format) Files
Playing Sounds in VB: Demo Application
Poker Game
Pong for Beginners
Pong Plus
Power Word: Tetris-Like Game Using Words (v 2.0)
Projector: VCD/MP3/AVI Player
Puzzle Game Using Any Picture
Quad-Ball, An Original Game by the Author.
Quick Mixer: Audio Volume Control Application
Random Number Guessing Game
Randomly play .wav Files
Reads ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags from MP3 Files
Retrieve and Display MCI Callback Messages
Shockwave Flash Player
Shooting Game Like the Game Moorhuhn (German)
Simple Ball-N-Paddle Game
Simple Catch the Mole Game
Simple Dice Game
Simple Mod File Player
Simple MP3 Player (No Windows Media Player ocx)
Simple One Player Pong Game
Simple Slot machine
Simple Tetris clone
Skinnable CD Player
Skinnable MP3 Player
Skinned Media (.avi) Player
Skinned Media Player
Skorlotto 2005 Randomizer (6/49 Lotto Assistant)
Slide Puzzle Game
Sliding Tile Game
Slot Machine Game
Slot Machine Game 2
Snake and Ladder Board Game
Snakes (The Game on Mobile Phones)
Snakes and Ladders Game
Snakes Game (Direct X 7 Version)
Space Defender Game
Space Invaders (Direct X 7 Version)
Space Invaders I
Space Invaders II
Space Invaders III
Space Simulator

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