Multimedia / Games


3D World with a Snowman
3dStudio Files (3ds) Viewer
A Complete MMORPG Engine - vbGORE v1.0.0
A Lightweight Media Player Without OCX or ActiveX
A Multimedia Player with Status Messages
A New Version of Intergalactic Master Mind
Amazing 3D: A Game Similar to Doom
Amazing3D: A game similar to Doom (DirectX 7 version)
An A.I. Take on TIC-TAC-TOE
An Advanced Blackjack game with cheats
Animation Using OpenGL API Example: Colored Cube
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Adventures of a Marble
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Mechanical Hand
Audio player with sound volume control etc
Build Your Own CD Player; a module of CD functions.
CD Player
CD Player with Volume Control
CD, Wav, and MIDI Player
Change Screen Resolution/Color Depth When App Gains or Loses Focus.
Checkers game with Full Artificial Intelligence Built In
Chess Game/Chess Engine Version 2.0
Connect 4 Game (Human vs. Computer)
Create Robots that can run Crawl, Bounce, or Roll.
Database and Player for MP3, WMA and MIDI files
Direct Music Tutorial
Direct Sound Tutorial
Direct X Sound Demo
Direct3D Landscape Generator
Game Using Sprites with Different "Personalities"
Haunted Maze - (PacMan Style Game)
Haunted Maze 3D Version (Pac Man Style Game)
HoverCars - hovercraft racing game
Karaoke Player
MIDI Keyboard Player
MP3 Player w/Multiple Color Schemes, Playlist, Volume/Balance Control and More
MP3 Tag Editor
Multi-Media player using Directx 9
Open or Shut the CD-ROM Drive Door
Paint Application with many Effects and Filters
Play a MIDI Piano and Drums, Read MIDI files and Events
Play Mod (A Music File Format) Files
Quad-Ball, An Original Game by the Author.
Quick Mixer: Audio Volume Control Application
Read and Set the Systems Master Volume Settings
Skinnable CD Player
Slide Puzzle Game
Space Defender Game

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