Intermediate Page 4

Prevent a Text Box's Default Right-Click Menu From Displaying
Print Preview 2
Printer and Screen Fonts Viewer/Printer
Printing a DBGrid: Demo App
Program Launcher
Program to Reset Access97 Database Password
PropertyExists Routine Using TLBINF32.DLL
Quiz Maker
Read Input From/Write Output to the Console: Demo
Real-time Network Bridge Simulation Program
Remove Temporary Files from your PC
Report KeyPress and KeyDown Events in a Form That Stays On Top
Resize A Borderless Window
Resource File Class and Demonstration
responding to HTML menu in win32 application
Routines to Create and Decipher a Bit String Representation
SafeNote text encryption application
Satellite Frequency Charts
Scientific Calculator with XP-style Interface
Scripting Language for Creating Animations
Scrolling Credit Example
Scrolling Marquee Demo
Select Case Generator for Enums Add-In
Send a File saved in .prn format to the Printer
Serial Communications Demo
Serial Number and Key Code Generation and Ciphering: Demo App
Shell to a DOS Application and Wait Until It Finishes
Shell to another app and wait for it to finish using Windows Scripting Host
Simple Bit Manipulation for VB
Simple Programming Language
Simultaneous Multi- Live Cam Image Viewer
Skin Pad: Text Editor with Skins
SoftAuthor Assistant - One Step Program Documentation
Soundex with Optional Accuracy (Revised)
Stock Quote .DLL
Stripped Down Windows Explorer Using FileSystemObject
System Tray Calendar with Additional Features
Text Editor (Italian)
Text Mass Updater Using VSS Automation
Text To Speech Tutor and Examples
Text Wrap using a Picture Box
THE Solution to the Select Case Enum problem
This will open cdroms on windows computers
Three Different Ways to Pause an Application
Tickcount API used for a stopwatch
Timed Message Box
Tray Application with Menus Example.
Turn WordWrap On or Off in an RTF Text Box
Typing Speed and Efficiency Tester
Ultimate Mind Reading Application

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