Intermediate Page 3

Find Location of Various Windows System Folders
Full Featured Text Editor
Full source code for a program to create software PAD files.
Fully Functional Text Editor with Built-In Web Browser
Generate/Validate License Keys Based on User Name
Gift Assignment Application for Holiday Parties
GMindMap: Software to Create System Diagrams (French)
Hide/Show Desktop Icons, Start Menu and/or TaskBar
How to Write Unmaintainable Code (Humorous Article)
Image as Progress Bar
Implement a Custom Callback Scheme for Client and Server Objects
Implementation Inheritance Example for VB6
Insert Subs/Functions into Your VB Apps (Add-In)
Introduction to Add-In Programming (Article)
John Conway's Life simulation
Jump to Regedit From Your Applications
Label Printer
Linked List in VB !
Linked List in VB ! 2
Lists API, Internet, and VB Error Descriptions
Lock the Desktop
Make your program detect the modem automaticaly
MD5 Message Digest Algorithm for Implementing Digital Signatures 2
MDI Notepad
Message Box Replacement that Doesn't beep
Message Logger (Error or Otherwise)
Methods of implementing What's This Help (Article)
Mime Parser
Module with Numerous Helper Routines
Mouse Macro
Mouse Zoom Camera Add-In
MsgBox Replacement
Multipurpose Add-In (Error Handling, Code Indent, and More)
Multithreading Using Active X .EXEs: Demo and Article
Notepad Joke Program
Notepad-like app with Additional Features
Number Conversion Functions (2 x Int to float, 32 bit binary to float, etc.)
Object Oriented International Functions
Obtain the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) from a Running COM Object
Obtaining Virtual Key Codes: Demo
Open an Application, or Open a File with the Associated Application
Open Documents With an Existing Instance of Your Application (v 2 .0)
PakFile: Packs Multiple Files To and Extracts From Single File
Passing Paramters to Crystal Reports From VB6
Password and Password Phrase Generator Version 2.4
Password Entry and Maintenance Demo
PDW Setup Package that Includes Registration Key Request
Personal Telephone Number Book
PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) Loop Simulation
Polymorhpic Child Class Creator Add-In

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