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Collection Class Builder
Command-line file codec sample using algorithm by original author of Zip
Communicate with another instance of the same program. ( PrevInstance Handler )
Complete IM Client
Control Aligner IDE Add-in
Control Windows using Speech Recognition with MS Agent
Conversions Across Multiple Dimensions of Measurement
Convert ASCII to Character and Character to ASCII
Convert Hex Color Codes to RGB
Convert Numbers Into Their Textual Equivalents
Convert Surname to Soundex Equivalent
Count Modules, Forms, and Lines of Code in a VB App
Create a GUID without using the API
Create a Pop-up Menu on the Max/Min/Close buttons
Create and Validate License Keys for your Applications (Version 2.0)
Create Barcodes on the Fly
Create Users and Add Them to Groups
Create your own VB Add-In
Credit Card Validation Routine
Credit Card Validation using LUHN formula
Crystal Report Preview On a Form (Article and Demo)
CWizard Class: Simplifies Wizard Development
Data Compression With Zlib
Debugger for IDE or EXE
Delay an Application Until a Specified Condition is True
Delay or Pause Execution: Enhanced V.2
Demo Illustrating How to Make Your Program a Trial Version
DeskLock - Keeps Kids from Pressing Keys and Using the Mouse
Desktop Manager
Digital Notepad
Display, Print, and Copy to the Clipboard the Character Set of Any Font
DOS Mode Printing from VB
DOS Prompt Emulator
DVD Collection Tracking Application
EasyPad: Advanced Word Processor, version 2.0
Eliminate Distinction Between Empty, Null, and Uninitialized Values in determining if a Variable is empty
Email Enabled Scrolling Credit Screens
Encode Plain Text From Form or File
Enhance the Functionality of the Timer Control
Enhanced Printer object with Preview v. 1.60
Error Handler Add-In Version 1.1
Error Handler Class
Error Handler: Logs Error and System Info to Disk
Event Logger for Win 9x/NT/2000
Export to TXT, RTF, and PDF from Active Reports
Extended MsgBox functions: Specify Location and Display Time.
Extract Text Contained in Windows Enhanced Metafiles
Fibonacci Member Series, without any recursive funtion
File and Media Organizer
File Comparison Utility

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