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Open an Application, or Open a File with the Associated Application
Open Documents With an Existing Instance of Your Application (v 2 .0)
Password and Password Phrase Generator Version 2.4
Password Entry and Maintenance Demo
Password Viewer (Shows the REAL text in a password box)
PDW Setup Package that Includes Registration Key Request
Personal Diary Management 1.0
Personal Information Manager
Personal Telephone Number Book
PHP Editor With Syntax Coloring, Line Numbering, and More
PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) Loop Simulation
Polymorhpic Child Class Creator Add-In
Print Preview 2
Print Preview Demonstration
Printer and Screen Fonts Viewer/Printer
Printing a DBGrid: Demo App
Program Launcher
Program to Reset Access97 Database Password
Quiz Maker
Read Input From/Write Output to the Console: Demo
Real-time Network Bridge Simulation Program
Remove Temporary Files from your PC
Resize A Borderless Window
Resource File Class and Demonstration
responding to HTML menu in win32 application
Rijndael AES Block Encryption Demo (VB/ASP)
SafeNote text encryption application
Satellite Frequency Charts
Scientific Calculator with XP-style Interface
Script Generator for Inserting/Updating Database Tables
Scripting Language for Creating Animations
Scrolling Marquee Demo
Scrolling Marquee ScreenSaver with Sound
Scrolling Marquee Tool Tips Demo
SecAmin is a software which helps you to restrict your users to use computer only on specified time with some other security administrating features.
Select Case Generator for Enums Add-In
Sending Email With The CDO Message Object
Serial Communications Demo
Serial Number and Key Code Generation and Ciphering: Demo App
Shell to a DOS Application and Wait Until It Finishes
Simple Programming Language
Simple Stop Watch Program
Simple Text Editor
Simple Timer Demo to Count Minutes
Simultaneous Multi- Live Cam Image Viewer
SoftAuthor Assistant - One Step Program Documentation
Stripped Down Windows Explorer Using FileSystemObject
System Tray Calendar with Additional Features
SYSTEM32 Folder Locker
Talking Clock

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