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Export Geometrical Figures to DXF files
Extract Text Contained in Windows Enhanced Metafiles
Fibonacci Member Series, without any recursive funtion
File and Media Organizer
File Comparison Utility
Flow-Chart: Visual Programming Language
Full Featured Text Editor
Full source code for a program to create software PAD files.
Full-Featured Print Preview Dll
Fully Functional Text Editor with Built-In Web Browser
Generate CHM documentation From Source Code (Add-In)
Genetic Algorithm Demo
Gift Assignment Application for Holiday Parties
GMindMap: Software to Create System Diagrams (French)
Graphically Design Message Boxes in the IDE
GUI Template For an Application Updater
Hide/Show Desktop Icons, Start Menu and/or TaskBar
IDE Tips
Image as Progress Bar
Image Player
Implementation Inheritance Example for VB6
Inheritance and Polymorphism in VB: Demo Application
Insert Subs/Functions into Your VB Apps (Add-In)
Integrate Plug-Ins in Your Applications
JattPad: Notepad like Application
John Conway's Life simulation
KeyCode Lookup Utility
Label Printer
List All System Errors For a Given Range
Lists API, Internet, and VB Error Descriptions
Live Weather Map (with Animated GIF and XP Button Controls)
Lock the Desktop
Lots of code examples
Make your program detect the modem automaticaly
MD5 Message Digest Algorithm for Implementing Digitial Signatures
MDI Notepad
Mime Parser
Mouse Effects
Mouse Zoom Camera Add-In
Moving and Setting Mouse Position Programatically
Multi-Purpose Demo for Beginners
Multipurpose Add-In (Error Handling, Code Indent, and More)
Multithreading Using Active X .EXEs: Demo and Article
Nitepad2002: Powerful Word Processor
Notepad Joke Program
Notepad-like app with Additional Features
Notepad-like Editor
number to text (farsi)
ObjectViewer: View any COM objects Properties in a Treeview
Obtaining Virtual Key Codes: Demo

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