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Check Digit Verification Utility
Check Writer
Cheque Print
Class Builder
Clock Screen Saver
Code Library for Saving Code Snippets
Code Library with Auto Add Snippet Feature
Code Printing Add-In
Code Template Add-In for Visual Basic Version 2.0
Collection Class Builder
Command-line file codec sample using algorithm by original author of Zip
Communicate with another instance of the same program. ( PrevInstance Handler )
Complete IM Client
Conspiracy Generator
Control Aligner IDE Add-in
Control Windows using Speech Recognition with MS Agent
Conversions Across Multiple Dimensions of Measurement
Conversions for Multiple Units of Measurement.
Convert ASCII to Character and Character to ASCII
Convert Letters and Numbers to Morse Code
Convert Surname to Soundex Equivalent
Count Lines of Code in any Application or Module
Count Modules, Forms, and Lines of Code in a VB App
Create & Compile VB Projects Using Notepad and A Batch File
Create a Pop-up Menu on the Max/Min/Close buttons
Create Barcodes on the Fly
Create multi language talking math/educational softs in ur iown voice.
Create your own VB Add-In
Crystal Report Preview On a Form (Article and Demo)
Customize Standard Open Dialog w/ File Preview
CVSoft Curriculum Vitae
D++ Language with Compiler
Debugger for IDE or EXE
Demo Illustrating How to Make Your Program a Trial Version
Demo of Various Techniques for Beginners
Demo of Various Windows and Form-Related Functions
DeskLock - Keeps Kids from Pressing Keys and Using the Mouse
Desktop Manager
Dial Phone Numbers Using MSComm Control: Demo
Digital Notepad
Display a nice graphical error form when the program catches an error
Display, Print, and Copy to the Clipboard the Character Set of Any Font
DLX Simulator
DOS Mode Printing from VB
DOS Prompt Emulator
DVD Collection Tracking Application
EasyPad: Advanced Word Processor, version 2.0
Email Enabled Scrolling Credit Screens
Encode Plain Text From Form or File
Error Handler Add-In Version 1.1

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