Links only lists sites that it judges to be of the highest quality. All sites on this page are kept up-to-date and offer high quality and free code samples.


The Best of the Best

.NET2theMax: Very good overall VB resource run by Francisco Balena and Marco Bellinaso. Free code, as well as add-ins and articles.
15 Seconds: Comprehensive resource for developers using ASP and other Microsoft Internet technologies
4 Guys From Rolla: Great ASP resource, strong ASP.NET content. Their free API Guide is essential for hard-core programmers; it is better documented than the MS's API text viewer. Unfortunately the site is no longer updated.
ASP Alliance: Excellent source for ASP.NET help; great articles with detail and examples.
CodeGuru: This site's forums are its highlight, because they are very active. Also contains thousands of articles on VB as well as .NET, C#, and C++.
Codehound: The AltaVista of Visual Basic sites -- allows you to search multiple VB sites for specific code examples. Large site, lots of articles.
DevX: The parent site of freeVBcode and the largest independent online publisher of software development resources. Covering VB classic, .NET, ASP, as well as XML, C++, Java, Web development and more. Excellent .NET resource.