Forms and Controls

Drag/Drop Demo
Draggable Splitter Bar
Draglist: A Listbox that lets Users Drag Items from One Position to Another
Draw a Flame Effect on a Form
Draw Graph With Hash Marks and Numbers on a Form
Draws a Random Circle
Drop a Shadow under Controls (XP Style)
Drop-Down Calculator Control Version 1.2
Dual List Box Control w/ Full Drag Drop Functionality
Duplicate Common Controls From Remote Processes
Dynamic Instantiation of User Controls: Demo
Dynamic MessageBox Class
Dynamic Resizable Skins Demo Version 1.2
Easy Splitter Bar
Easy Way To Automate Clicking A Combobox Control
Easy Way to Edit MSFlexGrid Control.
Easy way to Make a Shadowed Form
Edit Any Collection in an MS Flex Grid
Edit Data in a Read Only Grid (MSFlexGrid)
Edit FlexGrid Without TextBox
Edit MS-FlexGrid Contents without the Aid of a TextBox
Editable Grid Control With Support for Combo Boxes and Check Boxes Version 2.0
Elegant use of some modified Auto Complete code found on this site.
Enable or Disable a Frame and its Contained Controls
Enable or Disable All Controls on All Frames
Enable/Disable a Commandbutton Based on Maxlength Using Change Events
Encapsulated Select Box Code
Encrypt and Decrypt Text For Passwords or Other Apps
English Letter With Sound
Enhance the functionality of List Boxes and Combo Boxes
Enhanced Check Box/Option Button Controls
Enhanced CommandButton with Many Extra Features
Enhanced Flex Grid Control
Enhanced Masked Edit Control
Enhanced Scrollbar Control
Enhanced Text Box Control
Enhanced VB Menu replacement
Enhancing VB Form v 1.1
Ensure No Duplicate Entries are Added to a ListBox
Expanding/Contracting Form Text Demo
Export or Print Text from a List View Control
Extended TextBox Control
Extended TrayIcon DLL with balloon tip even displaying on win 9x systems
EZ Print Preview
Fade a Label to Different Colors
Fill and Clear text box Control Array with the For...NextStatement.
Find and Replace Text in a Rich Text Box
Find/Replace in TreeView Control
Flames Active X Control
Flash a Form's Title Bar

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