Forms and Controls

Create VB6 Class Wrappers For MS WMI Classes
Create Visual Basic Code On The Fly From a Selected Resource
Creating an Invisible/hollow Forrm in VB.NET
cTreeView: Wrapper to Enhance TreeView Control v 2.3
Cursor Position/Line Number From Rich Text Box
Custom Animated GIF Image Control
Custom Button Control
Custom List Control with Search Facility
Custom Menu Controls
Custom Photoshop-style Toolbox
Custom ToolTips Dll (Version 2.0)
Customizable Progress Bar
Customize The Title Bar's Font, Color, Text Alignment, and Text Size
Customized Menus with No APIs
Cut, Copy, and Paste for MSFlexGrid Control
Demo of Various Form Effects: Rollovers, Skinned Forms, Scrolling Labels, and More
Demo on How to Implement a Splash Screen
Determine if a form has been loaded
Determine if an string is present in a list control
Determine the Number of Visible Items in a List Box
DHTML Explorer and Editor
Different Types of Option Buttons
Digital LCD-like Counter Control
Digital Readout OCX w/ Different Formats
Disable and Enable the X button on a form
Disable the Close Button on a Form
Disallow Empty Fields for All TextBoxes on a Form
Display a Form Within a Form
Display a PopUp Menu when a ListBox Item is Right-Clicked
Display a ProgressBar in the System Tray
Display A Simple Real-time Clock With Date
Display Folders and Subfolders in a Treeview
Display Line Number:Position Coordinates for Rich Text Box
Display Line Numbers for a Rich Text Box Control
Display or Close Forms with Two Cool Effects
Display PDFs in Your VB WinForms
Display Progress Indicator on Top of Modal Forms
display text in 3dimension with two color
Display text with various 3D effects
Display the Contents of a Combo Box
Displays Multiline Tooltips for your controls
Dock Forms to the Edge of the Desktop
Dockable, Sizable, and Moveable Container Control
Drag and Dock a Form to the Screen
Drag and Drop controls into Container Controls
Drag and Drop Demo
Drag and Drop From One TreeView to Another
Drag Forms That Don't Have Title Bars
Drag Items from One List Box to Another
Drag Mutliple List Items Between List Boxes: Demo

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