Forms and Controls

Class for Creating Shaped Forms (v 1.1)
Class to sort MSFlexGrid
Classes to Resize/Reposition Controls when Form is Resized
Clear all Edit Controls on a Form
Clear All Textbox Controls Without a Control Array
Clear all Textboxes on a Form
Clearing TextBox Controls in One Sweep
Client-Side Image map for VB
Collapse TreeView Node All the Way Down
Color Scroll Bars
Color Syntax Control with Article
Colored Lights
Colorful Tunnel Effect for Forms
Combo Box Auto Expand
Command Button that Automatically Generates Querys or Perform Validation on Click
Command Button with MouseOverColor property
Common Dialog Control Demo For Beginners
Compare VB Forms
Control Array Demo for Beginners
Control Resizer Class
Control Resuize with Anchors
Controls Collection - Toggling Visibility
Convert Numeric Currency into Text
Convert Numric Currency to Words
Convert TextBox Text to Proper Case as it is Entered
Copy Contents of one MSFlexGrid To Another
Copy List Control Contents to Text Control
Create a Blinking Icon in the System Tray
Create a Bubble Effect on Your Form
Create a Dockable and Floatable Form
Create a Dynamic, Custom Toolbar
Create a Form that Cannot Be Activated
Create a Form with a Transparent Shade
Create a Load-in-progress Form for Your Applications
Create a round form
Create a Scrollable Form
Create a Shadow Effect for any Control in any Form
Create a Vertical Label Control
Create an Elliptic-Shaped Form
Create an Explode Effect
Create and Remove Controls at Run Time
Create Auto-hide Toolbars or Forms
Create Custom Caret (Text Box Cursor)
Create Edit Boxes Through API Calls only
Create Horizontal, Vertical, or Diagonal Gradient Forms
Create HTML on the Fly with the MS Internet Control
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.06
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.07
Create Multiple Instances of the Same Form
Create Skinned Forms With Custom Graphics.

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