Forms and Controls

Animated Form Unload
Animated Gif Control
AOL Style Command Button
Append Keyboard Input to List Box Items
Arrays To Columns in Text Box
Auto Complete ComboBox Version 1.2
Auto Expanding Combo Box
Auto Selection In List Box
Auto Size a Combo Box's Drop Down Width
Auto-Complete Combo Box that Prevents User from Selecting Items Not in List
Autocomplete for an Editable Combobox
AutoComplete for ComboBox In Which Only Existing Items are Allowed
AutoComplete Text Box Version 1.01
AutoComplete/Auto DropDown Combo Box
Automatically Adding/Hide Horizontal Scroll bar in the ListBox control
Automatically drops down the list portion of a ComboBox when it receives the focus
Automatically Reposition or Resize Controls Upon Form Resize
Automatically Resize Controls in a Form/Container Similar to .Net Docking
Automatically Scroll Down/Add Horizontal Scroll Bar to List Box
Automatically Select a TreeView's Node When the Mouse is Over it
Automatically Select all Text in an Edit Control when it Receives the Focus
Automatically Select ListBox Item when the Mouse is Over It
AutoSize a ListBox Based on its Height
AutoSize ListView Column Headers
Basic HTML Editor With Preview Feature
Benchmarking and StopWatch class
Best Drop-in Message/InputBox On The Net
Billing Application Using MS Flexgrid
Black Controls for use on Black Forms
Blank and Lock/Unlock Form Input Controls
Borderless Form Move and Resize
Bouncing Ball (Threads)
Cascading Effect for a Command Button
Cascading Windows With a Click Event
Cell-to-Cell Navigation of Grid Controls with Tab Key Demo
Center a Form on the Screen Accounting for Taskbars
Center a form on the screen.
Center a set of controls horizontally on a form.
Center an Image in a Picture Box
Center Your Form When it Loads
centre a control on a maximised form
Change Back and Fore Color of Progress Bar
Change Desktop WallPaper
Change the colors and fonts of the form and its controls to the windows default values.
Change the colors of the Windows ProgressBar
Change Windowstyle and WindowState At Run Time
Changing Colors of a Textbox Without The Common Dialogue Control
Check If A Given Printer is Online With .NET
Check If Your Application is Running in an IDE or as an Exe
Circular Progress Bar Control

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