Forms and Controls

TabDock Control: Provides Docking for Forms and Controls
Template Form for Print, Print Preview, and More
TextBox Control Enhancement
This is an Excel style color picker.
Three Dimensional Data Array Grid and Report Viewer
Toggling Checkboxes
Toolbar Restore Demo
Toolbox Button Control
Tranluscent Windows OCX
Transparent Buttons with Text
Transparent Picture Box
TreeView Control Demonstration
Treeview Tooltips
True Form on top with API
Try/Catch for VB6, VBA and VBScript
Two Different Ways of Highlighting Text in an Edit Control
Underline text like MS Word Does on Misspelled Words on Any Textbox
Unfolding long ListView labels with in-place tooltips
Universal Centering Procedure
Unlimited Undo for MS FlexGrid: Demo
Unload all forms except for the current one
Unload All Child Forms In An MDI Application.
Unload all forms
Use a Public Property to Assign its Value to Several Controls
Use Different Colors in a Rich Text Box Control: Demo
Use Masked Edit Box with Variable Length Data from a Database
Use the Flexgrid Control to Build a Simple Spreadsheet App
Use The MSFlexGrid Control Like Excel
Use The Tag Property to Validate a Password in a TextBox
Use The user32 Library to Change The Cursor
Using a Form as a Popup Menu v. 2.0
Using Arrays as User-defined Types
Using Backspace With a Label Control
Using Option Buttons To Manipulate Your Form
Validate All Textbox Controls Without Control Arrays
Various Active X controls -- Font picker, Splitter, Hyperlink, and More
VB Project Color Coding Print Tool
VB.NET Dynamic Usage of EventHandlers
Vertical Label
Vertical/Horizontal Label
Window Blinds Toolbar (Full Implementation)
Window Region Creator
Windows Vista Form Explode Effect
XP Design Styles Library (Without XP )
XP Style Status Bar Control
XP-Style Form Creator with Different Color Schemes
XP-Style Tab Strip Control
XPButton: Office XP Style Button

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