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Quick and Dirty Desktop Toolbar with Autohide.
Read and set a controls right
Read and set a controls bottom
Recursively Traverse the Nodes of a TreeView Control
Remove Max and Min Buttons on MDI Forms
Remove Min/Max Buttons From an MDI Form
Restrict Textbox Entries to Numeric-only
Return the Row/Column of a Clicked ListView Item
Return the Row/Column of a Clicked ListView Item (Part II)
Right-Justify Listbox Columns
Runaway Cursor
Save & Restore a Listview's control's content from a sequential file
Save Contents of a Grid Control to a Text File
Scroll an Edit Control Without a Scroll Bar
Scrolling View Port Demo
Scrolling/Bouncing Text
Search a List Box for an Item With One Line of Code
Search for a String in a ListBox or ComboBox
Select Multiple Files with the Common Dialog Control
Set A Combo Box's Drop Down Height in Inches
Set a Combo Box's Maximum Text Length
Set ListIndex Property Without Generating Click Event
Set the ListIndex Property of a Combo Box Given an ItemData Value
Show Long List Entries as a ToolTip
Simple Animation for Command Buttons in a Form: Demo
Simple Gradient Form Back color
Simple Scroll Bar Example
Simple Scroll Bar Example 2
Simple Scrolling Banner
Simple Splitter Bar Demo
Sort Date Column in ListView without Using API
Stop Forms from Flickering while updating Controls
Toggling Checkboxes
True Form on top with API
Try/Catch for VB6, VBA and VBScript
Two Different Ways of Highlighting Text in an Edit Control
Universal Centering Procedure
Unload all forms except for the current one
Unload All Child Forms In An MDI Application.
Unload all forms
Use a Public Property to Assign its Value to Several Controls
Use Different Colors in a Rich Text Box Control: Demo
Use Masked Edit Box with Variable Length Data from a Database
Use The Tag Property to Validate a Password in a TextBox
Use The user32 Library to Change The Cursor
Using Arrays as User-defined Types
Using Backspace With a Label Control
Using Option Buttons To Manipulate Your Form
Validate All Textbox Controls Without Control Arrays
VB.NET Dynamic Usage of EventHandlers

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