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Enhancing VB Form v 1.1
Ensure No Duplicate Entries are Added to a ListBox
Expanding/Contracting Form Text Demo
Fade a Label to Different Colors
Fill and Clear text box Control Array with the For...NextStatement.
Find/Replace in TreeView Control
Flash a Form's Title Bar
Force a Text Box to Accept Numeric Input Only
Form Caption Scroller
Four Corners Form Effect
Fully Dynamic TreeView Menu
Get hWnd of All Visible Windows on Screen.
Get The Username of The Current logged in User
Get the Index of the first Visible Line (or character) in a text control
Get the Number of Lines of Text in an Edit Control
Get the Text of a Specified Line in a Text Box Control
Get User's Confirmation Before Unloading a Form
Handling Windows API String Parameters
Helper routine to turn a textbox into a scrolling log/chat window.
Idle control (check if your app is idle)
Implement Drag-N-Drop From ListView to TreeView
InputBox with Password Characters
Intercepting The Enter Key in A ComboBox
Limit and Exit The Use of Your Program After N Times
Limit Cursor Movement to Within a Particular Form or Control
Limit Text Box Input to Upper or Lower Case Strings, or Numbers
ListView Column Sorting
ListView Flat Headers
Load a Control Dynamically at Run Time
Lock / Unlock all the Textboxes or Combo boxes on any Form
Make a Chart With Textbox Values and Print It
Make a Form Drop from Top of Screen to Center
Make a List Box Transparent
Make Your Form Cover the Whole Screen, Including Taskbar
Make Your Form Implode
Message Box Replacement with Timer
Move Controls at Runtime with Very Little Code
Move Cursor to a Specified Line in a Rich Text Box Control
Move Items from one List Box to Another Without Duplication
MS Chart Control Demo
Non-traditional Progress Bar
One-line Password Rule Verification
OSD (On-Screen Display) Demonstration
Populate an MSFlexGrid with Random Numbers
Populating a ListBox Control With VB.NET
PopUp Buttons with only 4 lines of code
Prevent Beeping When the Enter Key is Pressed in a Single-Line Text Box
Prevent Duplicate Values from Being Added to a List Control
Print a Rich Text Box with Margins
Print RichTextBox contents

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