Forms and Controls

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Replacement for the VB Frame Control
Resize Class
Resize Class 2
Resize Controls at RunTime
Resize Controls Proportionally when a Form is Resized
Return Hexadecimal, RGB, or Long Value From the Color Common Dialog
Return the Row/Column of a Clicked ListView Item
Return the Row/Column of a Clicked ListView Item (Part II)
Rich Textbox Tutorial
Rolling Popup Menu Demo
Runaway Cursor
Schedule calendar control
Scrolling Label Control 2
Search for a String in a ListBox or ComboBox
Self-validating Numeric Textbox Control
Set A Combo Box's Drop Down Height in Inches
Set ListIndex Property Without Generating Click Event
Set the Bar Color or Back Color of a Progress Bar
Set the ListIndex Property of a Combo Box Given an ItemData Value
Show Long List Entries as a ToolTip
Simple Etch-A-Sketch Like Application
Simple Example of Extending A Dialog Box
Simple Gradient Form Back color
Skins For Custom VB Forms
Small but Functional Progress Bar Control
SmartForm class -- routines for aligning and positioning controls
Sort any type of data in a ListView Control
Sort Date Column in ListView without Using API
Spider Web Screen Effect
Splitter Control with Resizing, Docking, and More
SuperPicture - Custom PictureBox with Scrolling, Zooming, Panning
Syntax Highlighting Textbox Control
Tab Control
TextBox Control Enhancement
This is an Excel style color picker.
Three Dimensional Data Array Grid and Report Viewer
Toolbar Restore Demo
Tranluscent Windows OCX
Transparent Picture Box
True Form on top with API
Try/Catch for VB6, VBA and VBScript
Underline text like MS Word Does on Misspelled Words on Any Textbox
Unlimited Undo for MS FlexGrid: Demo
Use Masked Edit Box with Variable Length Data from a Database
Use the Flexgrid Control to Build a Simple Spreadsheet App
Use The MSFlexGrid Control Like Excel
Use The user32 Library to Change The Cursor
Various Active X controls -- Font picker, Splitter, Hyperlink, and More
VB.NET Dynamic Usage of EventHandlers
Window Region Creator

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