Forms and Controls

Intermediate Page 4

Graphical Button with Many Features
Helper routine to turn a textbox into a scrolling log/chat window.
Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling Form Example
Horse Racing Demo
Hover Button Control
Hyperlink Control
Hyperlink Control for Web, Mail, and Computer Links
Icon Extract OCX
Idle control (check if your app is idle)
InputBox with Password Characters
Insert Pictures in A Flexgrid Cell
Internet Explorer-Like Treeview
IP Address Inputbox and Validator
Labeled Text Box Control
LED Display User Control
Limit Cursor Movement to Within a Particular Form or Control
Limit text box input by type, size or string.
Limit Text Box Input to Upper or Lower Case Strings, or Numbers
List control helper (.bas module)
ListBox API Messages: Demo Application
ListView Column Sorting
ListView Flat Headers
Login Form with Splash Form
MAC Style Pill Button Control
Make a List Box Transparent
Make Your Form Cover the Whole Screen, Including Taskbar
Make Your Form Implode
MDI Task Bar control
Move Controls at Runtime with Very Little Code
Move Items from one List Box to Another Without Duplication
Multi-Column Combo Box Control
New Skin for Your Forms
Option Group Control
OSD (On-Screen Display) Demonstration
Oval Button 2
PhoneBox Control: Replica of the Outlook2000 PhoneBox
Picture Box Control With Transparent Colors and Stretching
Place a Tiled Background on an MDI form
Popup Menu in TreeView Control
Print Form with Margins
Print Text at Angles to Form an Arc or Ellipse
Print the Contents of a Flex Grid
Progress Bar - Custom Graphics from APIs
Progress Bar Control
Progress Bar With Gradient Color Transition
Quick and Dirty Desktop Toolbar with Autohide.
Read and set a controls right
Read and set a controls bottom
Recursively Traverse the Nodes of a TreeView Control
Remove Min/Max Buttons From an MDI Form

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