Forms and Controls

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Center an Image in a Picture Box
Change Back and Fore Color of Progress Bar
Change the colors and fonts of the form and its controls to the windows default values.
Change the colors of the Windows ProgressBar
Change Windowstyle and WindowState At Run Time
Circular Progress Bar Control
Class to sort MSFlexGrid
Classes to Resize/Reposition Controls when Form is Resized
Clear all Edit Controls on a Form
Colorful Tunnel Effect for Forms
Command Button that Automatically Generates Querys or Perform Validation on Click
Control Resizer Class
Control Resuize with Anchors
Convert Numeric Currency into Text
Convert Numric Currency to Words
Copy Contents of one MSFlexGrid To Another
Create a Bubble Effect on Your Form
Create a Form that Cannot Be Activated
Create a Form with a Transparent Shade
Create a round form
Create a Vertical Label Control
Create an Elliptic-Shaped Form
Create Custom Caret (Text Box Cursor)
Create Horizontal, Vertical, or Diagonal Gradient Forms
Create Skinned Forms With Custom Graphics.
Create VB6 Class Wrappers For MS WMI Classes
Creating an Invisible/hollow Forrm in VB.NET
Custom Button Control
Custom List Control with Search Facility
Custom Menu Controls
Custom Photoshop-style Toolbox
Customizable Progress Bar
Customize The Title Bar's Font, Color, Text Alignment, and Text Size
Customized Menus with No APIs
Cut, Copy, and Paste for MSFlexGrid Control
Demo of Various Form Effects: Rollovers, Skinned Forms, Scrolling Labels, and More
Demo on How to Implement a Splash Screen
Determine the Number of Visible Items in a List Box
DHTML Explorer and Editor
Digital LCD-like Counter Control
Digital Readout OCX w/ Different Formats
Disable and Enable the X button on a form
Disable the Close Button on a Form
Display a PopUp Menu when a ListBox Item is Right-Clicked
Display a ProgressBar in the System Tray
Display Folders and Subfolders in a Treeview
Display Line Number:Position Coordinates for Rich Text Box
Display or Close Forms with Two Cool Effects
Display Progress Indicator on Top of Modal Forms
Display text with various 3D effects

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