Forms and Controls


3D Label Control
3D Line control with 13 styles
A .NET Class to Calculate Circles
A Class For Searching Datagrids
A Custom Command Line Interpreter
A demo on how to build a CoolBar
A Fast Syntax Highlighting Control
A Feature Rich Custom Combobox
a Sample method to set any Listitem of a listview with any color
A Simple Device Controller Framework
A Simple Help File in VB6
A Simple Windowless User Control to Drag Forms
A Source Code Library Manager with Samples
A Web Service Example For Newbies
ActiveX Control to Set Maximum and Minimum size of a Form.
Add a 3D Effect to Forms, Textboxes, and Labels
Add a 3D, Office-2000 Like Effect to a Form or Control
Add a Horizontal Scroll Bar to A List Box
Add Bookmarks to Text in an RTF Control
Add Columns to a List Box by Setting Tab Stops
Add Columns to a Text Box by Setting Tab Stops
Advanced Form Shaper DLL
Align Text on a Command Button
Animated Form Unload
Animated Gif Control
AOL Style Command Button
Auto Complete ComboBox Version 1.2
Auto Expanding Combo Box
Auto Selection In List Box
Auto Size a Combo Box's Drop Down Width
Auto-Complete Combo Box that Prevents User from Selecting Items Not in List
Autocomplete for an Editable Combobox
AutoComplete Text Box Version 1.01
AutoComplete/Auto DropDown Combo Box
Automatically Adding/Hide Horizontal Scroll bar in the ListBox control
Automatically Reposition or Resize Controls Upon Form Resize
Automatically Resize Controls in a Form/Container Similar to .Net Docking
Automatically Scroll Down/Add Horizontal Scroll Bar to List Box
Automatically Select ListBox Item when the Mouse is Over It
AutoSize a ListBox Based on its Height
AutoSize ListView Column Headers
Basic HTML Editor With Preview Feature
Benchmarking and StopWatch class
Best Drop-in Message/InputBox On The Net
Billing Application Using MS Flexgrid
Black Controls for use on Black Forms
Blank and Lock/Unlock Form Input Controls
Cell-to-Cell Navigation of Grid Controls with Tab Key Demo
Center a Form on the Screen Accounting for Taskbars
Center a set of controls horizontally on a form.

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