Forms and Controls

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Lock / Unlock all the Textboxes or Combo boxes on any Form
Make a Chart With Textbox Values and Print It
Make a Form Drop from Top of Screen to Center
Marble race using Shape Control
MDI form With Splitter Bars
Message Box Replacement with Timer
MousePointer Property Demo
Move Cursor to a Specified Line in a Rich Text Box Control
MS Chart Control Demo
MSN Messenger Type Popup Window
Multi Column ListBox
Non-traditional Progress Bar
One-line Password Rule Verification
Open, Save, and Print Files Using the Common Dialog Control
Oval Button
Place a Windows-Like Task Bars on MDIForms
Populate a List Control From a Text File
Populate a Treeview Control from Listboxes
Populate an MSFlexGrid with Random Numbers
Populating a ListBox Control With VB.NET
PopUp Buttons with only 4 lines of code
Prevent Beeping When the Enter Key is Pressed in a Single-Line Text Box
Prevent Duplicate Values from Being Added to a List Control
Progress Bar based on Shape Controls
Remove Max and Min Buttons on MDI Forms
Restrict Textbox Entries to Numeric-only
Right-Justify Listbox Columns
Ruler Control
Save & Restore a Listview's control's content from a sequential file
Save Contents of a Grid Control to a Text File
Scroll an Edit Control Without a Scroll Bar
Scrolling Label Control
Scrolling Marquee Control
Scrolling Text Demo
Scrolling Text Using a Label
Scrolling View Port Demo
Scrolling/Bouncing Text
Search a List Box for an Item With One Line of Code
Select Multiple Files with the Common Dialog Control
Set a Combo Box's Maximum Text Length
Simple Animation for Command Buttons in a Form: Demo
Simple Chronograph to test the timer control
Simple Progress Bar Control Version 2.0
Simple Radio Button
Simple Scroll Bar Example
Simple Scroll Bar Example 2
Simple Scrolling Banner
Simple Splitter Bar Demo
Simple Task Reminder With Sound

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