Forms and Controls

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Create and Remove Controls at Run Time
Create HTML on the Fly with the MS Internet Control
Create Multiple Instances of the Same Form
Cursor Position/Line Number From Rich Text Box
Determine if a form has been loaded
Determine if an string is present in a list control
Different Types of Option Buttons
Disallow Empty Fields for All TextBoxes on a Form
Display a Form Within a Form
Display A Simple Real-time Clock With Date
Display PDFs in Your VB WinForms
display text in 3dimension with two color
Drag and Drop Demo
Drag Forms That Don't Have Title Bars
Drag Mutliple List Items Between List Boxes: Demo
Drag/Drop Demo
Draws a Random Circle
Easy way to Make a Shadowed Form
Enable or Disable a Frame and its Contained Controls
Enable/Disable a Commandbutton Based on Maxlength Using Change Events
English Letter With Sound
Ensure No Duplicate Entries are Added to a ListBox
Expanding/Contracting Form Text Demo
EZ Print Preview
Fill and Clear text box Control Array with the For...NextStatement.
Find and Replace Text in a Rich Text Box
Flat Button Control
Force a Text Box to Accept Numeric Input Only
Form Caption Scroller
Form Controls Manipulation
Form Events Sequence Demo
Four Corners Form Effect
Get The Username of The Current logged in User
Get the X and Y values in a grid
Get User's Confirmation Before Unloading a Form
Gets the current time of PC.
Group Radiobox Control
GUI example
Handling Windows API String Parameters
Hyperlink (Web or Email) Control
Implement Drag-N-Drop From ListView to TreeView
Implement Modal Functionality for an MDI Child Form
In Cell Editing of a Scrollable Grid Control
Input Validation Module
Insert and Replace Text in ListBox Columns: Demo
Intercepting The Enter Key in A ComboBox
Jittery Penguins: Demo of Moving Images on a Form
Limit and Exit The Use of Your Program After N Times
ListBox Demo and Enhancement
Load a Control Dynamically at Run Time

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