Forms and Controls


3D Label Control Part 2
A Basic Calculator Application
A class to resize the controls on the form as the form resizes
A Progress Bar Control With Three Different Looks.
A Sample FlexGrid Database Connection
A Sample FlexGrid-based Sales Bill Application
A Simple VB Stopwatch
A VB.NET Calculator
Add an Item DoubleClick Event to the ListView Control
Add Colors With The ColorPicker Control (w/o Commondialog)
Add Columns and Titles Effortlessly to a ListView Control
Align Flexgrid Cells after Adding a Row or Column
An Easy ProgressBar
An Simple Stopwatch Form
Animated About Form
Append Keyboard Input to List Box Items
Arrays To Columns in Text Box
AutoComplete for ComboBox In Which Only Existing Items are Allowed
Automatically drops down the list portion of a ComboBox when it receives the focus
Automatically Select a TreeView's Node When the Mouse is Over it
Automatically Select all Text in an Edit Control when it Receives the Focus
Borderless Form Move and Resize
Cascading Effect for a Command Button
Cascading Windows With a Click Event
Center a form on the screen.
Center Your Form When it Loads
centre a control on a maximised form
Change Desktop WallPaper
Changing Colors of a Textbox Without The Common Dialogue Control
Check If A Given Printer is Online With .NET
Check If Your Application is Running in an IDE or as an Exe
Clear All Textbox Controls Without a Control Array
Clear all Textboxes on a Form
Clearing TextBox Controls in One Sweep
Collapse TreeView Node All the Way Down
Color Scroll Bars
Color Syntax Control with Article
Colored Lights
Combo Box Auto Expand
Command Button with MouseOverColor property
Common Dialog Control Demo For Beginners
Control Array Demo for Beginners
Controls Collection - Toggling Visibility
Convert TextBox Text to Proper Case as it is Entered
Copy List Control Contents to Text Control
Create a Dynamic, Custom Toolbar
Create a Load-in-progress Form for Your Applications
Create a Scrollable Form
Create a Shadow Effect for any Control in any Form
Create an Explode Effect

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