Forms and Controls


A demo on how to build a CoolBar
A Sample FlexGrid Database Connection
A Sample FlexGrid-based Sales Bill Application
A Simple Device Controller Framework
A Simple VB Stopwatch
A Source Code Library Manager with Samples
A VB.NET Calculator
A Web Service Example For Newbies
Add Bookmarks to Text in an RTF Control
Advanced HTML Interface Application
Basic HTML Editor With Preview Feature
Best Drop-in Message/InputBox On The Net
Billing Application Using MS Flexgrid
Bouncing Ball (Threads)
Change Desktop WallPaper
Color Syntax Control with Article
Command Button that Automatically Generates Querys or Perform Validation on Click
Common Dialog Control Demo For Beginners
Compare VB Forms
Convert Numric Currency to Words
Create a Dockable and Floatable Form
Create Custom Caret (Text Box Cursor)
Create Multiple Instances of the Same Form
Create Visual Basic Code On The Fly From a Selected Resource
Custom Photoshop-style Toolbox
Customize The Title Bar's Font, Color, Text Alignment, and Text Size
Demo of Various Form Effects: Rollovers, Skinned Forms, Scrolling Labels, and More
DHTML Explorer and Editor
Display a ProgressBar in the System Tray
Display PDFs in Your VB WinForms
Drag and Drop controls into Container Controls
Drag and Drop Demo
Dynamic Resizable Skins Demo Version 1.2
Edit FlexGrid Without TextBox
Encrypt and Decrypt Text For Passwords or Other Apps
English Letter With Sound
Extended TextBox Control
Form Events Sequence Demo
Generate and Display a Form at Runtime: Demo
Get the X and Y values in a grid
Gets the current time of PC.
Horse Racing Demo
Implement Modal Functionality for an MDI Child Form
Improvements of ListView control
In Cell Editing of a Scrollable Grid Control
Insert and Replace Text in ListBox Columns: Demo
Insert Pictures in A Flexgrid Cell
Jittery Penguins: Demo of Moving Images on a Form
ListBox API Messages: Demo Application
Login Form with Splash Form

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