Forms and Controls


A Binary Search Algorithm
A Tooltip Customization Class
Add a Gradient Background to a TreeView Control
Add Form Style Properties (e.g., MaxBox, MinBox, Resizable) to Controls
Add Menu To SysMenu
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView column Headers
Advanced HTML Interface Application
Advanced Progress Bar Control
Advanced Progress Pie and Bar
Advanced TrackBar /Slider Control With MAC Style Graphics
Advanced VB Based Toolbar Control
Allow the user to Dock, Resize,,Move, and Toggle Their Visibility
Bouncing Ball (Threads)
Class for Creating Shaped Forms (v 1.1)
Client-Side Image map for VB
Compare VB Forms
Create a Blinking Icon in the System Tray
Create a Dockable and Floatable Form
Create Auto-hide Toolbars or Forms
Create Edit Boxes Through API Calls only
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.06
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.07
Create Visual Basic Code On The Fly From a Selected Resource
cTreeView: Wrapper to Enhance TreeView Control v 2.3
Custom Animated GIF Image Control
Custom ToolTips Dll (Version 2.0)
Display Line Numbers for a Rich Text Box Control
Displays Multiline Tooltips for your controls
Dockable, Sizable, and Moveable Container Control
Duplicate Common Controls From Remote Processes
Dynamic Resizable Skins Demo Version 1.2
Edit Any Collection in an MS Flex Grid
Enhance the functionality of List Boxes and Combo Boxes
Enhanced VB Menu replacement
Enhancing VB Form v 1.1
Extended TrayIcon DLL with balloon tip even displaying on win 9x systems
Flames Active X Control
FlexBox: Replacement for the Masked Edit Control v 2.0
Form Effects: Transparency and Shapes
Hot Key Control
Implement a Progress Bar Common Control Without a OCX
Improvements of ListView control
Lightweight Visual Studio-like Tab Control v 1.03
Lightweight Windows Blinds Toolbar
ListView Column Sorting (Advanced)
MCL Shaped button control (with hover)
MDITaskBar Control: Mimics the Windows TaskBar in MDI Applications
MorphListBox - Graphical ListBox Replacement
Move and Resize Controls at Runtime Like the VB IDE.
Multi Column ListView Edit

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