Files and Directories

Move a File (or files) to the Recycle Bin
MP3 Cataloger 2
multi file renamer
Non-API .Ini File Manipilation Class
Obtain Detailed Information About a File
Obtain the Owner of a File on Windows NT/2000
Offline/Local Search for Web Pages v 1.5
Open a File with its Associated Application
Open Files in VB.NET 2008
Open files safely (Updated)
Open The Dialogue for Folder Browsing
Output File/Folder Hirerchy to XML
Paranoia Scripter: (Script Encoder)
Path Manipulation Routines: GetRelativePath and GetCompact Path
Permanently Delete A File
Point to a File in your Applications Directory
Populate a ListBox with Drive Information
Read a File Line by Line - and More.
Read a Specified Line From a Text File
Read and Write File Contents Using the API
Read And Write From INI File Demo
Read from/Write to .INI Files without API Calls
Read Text Files Into a Recordset
Read Text From a File
Read Text From a File Using the File System Object
Read/Write a ListBox to a File (Tutorial Application)
Realtime Log Watcher
Recently Used File List - Simplofied
Recurse through a Directory structure
Recursive File Search
Recursive File Search (as a module)
Recursively Change File Attributes in a Given Directory
Recursively Delete Empty Folders
Recursively Search Folders by Name
Replace a Single Line in a File (ini, cfg, txt, etc...)
Reports Directory Sizes on Files on Specific Folders
Retrieve FileName and File Extension from File Full Path
Retrieve Filename without Path or Extension
Retrieve ONLY the requested part of a File Name
Retrieve Path Info for/Description of Shortcut Targets
Return a Directory Name only From a File Name
Return a file name only, given the file's full path (All VB Versions)
Return a file name only, given the file's full path (VB 6 and up)
Return a Full Path Given SubFolder or SubFolder/Filename Only
Return an Alternative FileName if a Given File Exists
Return the DOS (8.3) File Name for a File
Save Text to a File
Save Text to a File Using the File System Object
Save text to file in an easy way

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