Files and Directories

File Search With Open, Copy, and Email
File System Browser
File System Class
File System Object Module
File version information
Find And Replace Phrase v1.1 (.NET)
Find and Replace Strings in Binary or Text Files
Finds the file on *any* connected drive
Find\Replace For Multiple Files at Once
FixCode Version 1.3: Make multi-line Changes within Files
Flexible, But Efficient, INI-File Reader/Writer
Folder Browsing and Manipulation Application
Folder Browsing Control
Folder Space and Data Analyzer/Browser
Function to Distinguish Between Files and Directories
Generic File Handling Functions
Get a list of file names, given a directory name or a directory wild card string
Get a list of registered file types
Get a Relative Path
Get a Short (8.3) File Name from a Standard File Name
Get a Unique Temporary File Name
Get all Files a Folder and its SubFolders using Wildcards
Get all Files and Subdirectory Names Within a Path Without Recursion
Get all Files and Subdirectory Names Within a Path Without Recursion (VB5)
Get All Files From A Path Root Without The FSO
Get All Folder Names In A Computer
Get The Page Count of a PDF File
GetFile - ActiveX Control
Grep style utility
Hexadecimal Editor - View/Edit Binary Files
HTML Editor With Browser
Import Multiple Files into a TreePad file.
INI File Demonstration
INI File Editor
Ini File Editor 2
INI file Manager DLL
INI File Manipulation Class Module
Ini File Manipulation in TreeView Control
INI Handler
Iterate through Nested Directories Using Windows Scripting Host
Join any Number of Files into One File
Join two files together
List all Directories
List All Files in a Folder Using the FileSystemObject
List Available Drives and Drive Information
List Files in A Folder and Subfolders Without Scripting.FileSystem
List Recently Used Files in Your File Menu
Load a File to a Text Box/Write Text Box's Contents To a File
Load a List box with Lines from a File
Mount a Virtual Drive

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