Files and Directories

CSV File Reading Class
CSV File Reading Class (Access Fields by Name)
CSV File Reading Class (Quote enclosed data friendly version)
Ctrl+Alt+Del in an application (custom Task Manager)
Custom File Types
Customized Recursive File Search
Delete a Folder and all Sub-Folders, including Hidden and Read-Only Files
Delete a Specified Line from a Text File
Delete All Files in a Folder
Delete Files on Certain Dates
Delete Files that are a Specified Number of Days Old.
Delete Specified Files N Number Of Days Old
Determine if a Directory Exists (All VB Versions)
Determine if a Directory Exists (VB 6+)
Determine if a File Exists (All VB Versions)
Determine if a File Exists (VB 6)
Determine if a File Exists Using the Windows API
Determine if a File Exists Within a Given Directory SubTree
Determine the Drive Type Using the File System Object
Determine the Number of Files in a Folder
Direct Access to Physical Drive (Sectors and Clusters)
Directory Polling
Disk Gobler
Display a clock
Display Chosen Files From the Common Dialogue
Display Explorer's Right-Click Menu For a Given File
Display the Browse for Folder Dialog
Display the File Properties Dialog Box
Display Windows Explorer-Type File and Directory Listings
Display/Modify File Attributes and File Time Stamps -- Utility Program
Displaying File Listings on a ListView Control (Article)
Drive list , Directory List, and File List Demo (for Beginners)
Easy file seach utility
Easy File System Object Usage
Encryption and Decryption for Strings and Files
Enigma: File Encryption Application
Ensure there is Always a Shortcut to your Application on the Desktop
Fast Routine to Check File Existance
File Copy Program
File Copy Using Memory
File Discrepancy Locater Program
File Hander: Reader, Write, Encrypt, and Decrypt Files (RC4 Algorithm)
File Handling Module
File List Box, Directory List Box, and Drive Combo Demo
File Management Classes
File Mapping Class Module
File Replicator 1-2-3 v2.0
File Search and File Property API Classes
File Search Application
File Search Component using Windows API

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