Files and Directories


A Better App.Path
A Dbase IV Module with an Export Function
A Function To Determine Whether A File Exists
A Quick Way to Extract Filenames From a Path
Another way to check if a file exists
Binary Put/Get for Strings (with Unicode)
By this code you can open your file (eg: example.myfile)
Change a File's Last Modified Date Stamp
Change the Archive and Read-Only Attributes of a File
Change the Extension of Files in a Specified Folder
Check Access Rights to File/Directory on NTFS Volume
Check For A File's Existense
Compare File Versions
Compare Two Files to Determine if They are Identical
Convert Short (8.3) File Names to Long File Names
Copy Files Using the Shell API
Copy Files Using the Win32 API
Correctly calculates a File size from a WIN32_FIND_DATA structure
Create a Folder Using API Call to Check for Path Validity
Create A New or Open an Existing Excel File Every Month
Create Path Recursively as Needed (w/o APIs)
Create Shortcuts for Files and Applications with Parameters
Creates a relative path from one file or folder to another.
Delete a Folder and all Sub-Folders, including Hidden and Read-Only Files
Delete a Specified Line from a Text File
Delete All Files in a Folder
Delete Files on Certain Dates
Delete Files that are a Specified Number of Days Old.
Determine if a Directory Exists (All VB Versions)
Determine if a Directory Exists (VB 6+)
Determine if a File Exists (All VB Versions)
Determine if a File Exists (VB 6)
Determine if a File Exists Using the Windows API
Determine if a File Exists Within a Given Directory SubTree
Determine the Drive Type Using the File System Object
Determine the Number of Files in a Folder
Display a clock
Display Chosen Files From the Common Dialogue
Display Explorer's Right-Click Menu For a Given File
Display the Browse for Folder Dialog
Display the File Properties Dialog Box
Displaying File Listings on a ListView Control (Article)
Easy file seach utility
Ensure there is Always a Shortcut to your Application on the Desktop
Fast Routine to Check File Existance
File Copy Using Memory
Finds the file on *any* connected drive
Find\Replace For Multiple Files at Once
Get a list of file names, given a directory name or a directory wild card string
Get a list of registered file types

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