Files and Directories


A Mass File Renaming Project with Shell Integration
A Simple to Use PDF Parser
Archiving Program
Backup tool for ms-access
Browse the File System and Display File, Folder, and Drive Properties
Build Reports About Files on Drives
Building Randomly Generated Test Files
Clean Data From a Floppy Disk so it Cannot Be Retrieved
Combine Files
Compare Two Files
Contact Manager Using Random Access Files
Copy multiple files using ListBoxes
Count Files and Folders Using the FileSystem Object
Count Lines of Code and Search for a String in a VB Project
Create and Open Text Files: Demo App
Create Shortcuts Anywhere Using Setup Toolkit functions
Ctrl+Alt+Del in an application (custom Task Manager)
Custom File Types
Delete Specified Files N Number Of Days Old
Direct Access to Physical Drive (Sectors and Clusters)
Directory Polling
Disk Gobler
Display Windows Explorer-Type File and Directory Listings
Display/Modify File Attributes and File Time Stamps -- Utility Program
Drive list , Directory List, and File List Demo (for Beginners)
Encryption and Decryption for Strings and Files
Enigma: File Encryption Application
File Copy Program
File Discrepancy Locater Program
File List Box, Directory List Box, and Drive Combo Demo
File Replicator 1-2-3 v2.0
File Search Application
File Search With Open, Copy, and Email
File System Browser
File version information
Find And Replace Phrase v1.1 (.NET)
Find and Replace Strings in Binary or Text Files
FixCode Version 1.3: Make multi-line Changes within Files
Folder Browsing and Manipulation Application
Folder Space and Data Analyzer/Browser
Grep style utility
Hexadecimal Editor - View/Edit Binary Files
HTML Editor With Browser
Import Multiple Files into a TreePad file.
INI File Demonstration
INI File Editor
Ini File Editor 2
Ini File Manipulation in TreeView Control
List Available Drives and Drive Information
Mount a Virtual Drive

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