Dates and Math


3D Mesh Collision Detection
A Calendar Example Similar to Windows Date and Time properties
A Function That Computes the Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors For a Real Symmetric Matrix
A Module to Generate Prime Numbers
A simple program that solves a given set of linear equations.
A String Mathematical Calculator
Alarm that Displays Reminder on the Screen
Amortization Calculator
An Analog Clock in VB6 With an Easy Algorithm.
Angle to XY
ArcSine in Degrees or Radians
Astronomical and Date Calculation Program
Base Conversion
Base Conversion Class
Base convertor: Decimal, Binary, Hex and ASCII
Basic functions for complex numbers
Boolean Expression Calculator
Calculate an Interpolated Value.
Calculate Dates for Moon Phases
Calculate the standard deviation of elements in an array
Calendar for Months between Year 1899 to Year 2101
Calendar That Could Be Extended to Scheduler
Check Digit MOD 10 w/ weights 7-5-3-2
Check If a Date/time Value is During Daylight Savings or Standard Time
Class to calculate sunrise and sunset
Clock and Electronic Chronometer
Comprehensive Conversion Application
Compute CRC Checksum
Compute Geodesic Distance between Earth surface Coordinates
Convert a Decimal Number to Any Base (Bin, Oct, Hex)
Convert a Decimal Number to Binary
Convert a Decimal to a Fraction
Convert any Date Value to Julian Date Value
Convert French Francs to Euro
Convert Long Integer to Binary Value
Convert Pro - Comprehensive Value Conversion Tool
Convert Seconds to Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Convert Seconds to Hours, Minutes Seconds as h:mm:ss
Convert seconds to Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
Convert Seconds to Other Time Metrics
Convert Values Between Different Bases
Convert your system date to MM/dd/yyyy for Y2K
Converts a Long numeral to an 8 character Hex value
Correlation Coefficient Calculation Module
Create Graphical Output for Mathematical Functions
Credit Card Number Validator
CurrencyBox OCX Control
Custom Calendar and Date Picker
Decimal Rounding Function
Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hex Converter

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