Bulk Copy SQL Server Data
Change a Password for an Access Database
Change Field Size in MS Access at Runtime using DAO
Change Language in a Database Application
Check if a MS Excel or Access file is password protected
Class to Export Database Tables to Text File
Code Snippet Library Application
Compact Access Database Using ADO
Compact an Access Database
Compact and Repair a User Level secured Access database
Compact/Repair Access Database Utility
Computerized Examination
Connect and Retrieve Data in Oracle With VB.NET
Connect ORACLE
Connect to a Secure Access Database Using ADO
Connect to an Oracle DB Using ADO
Contact Manager Using Data Environment
Contact Manager With Database-File Export
Contact Manager with Search
Contact Phone Number Manager
Controlling an Automation Server with Early Binding
Convert IBM Packed Decimal from DISAM DB to Integer
Convert CSV to Oracle Compatible SQL Insert Statements
Convert Missing or Invalid Dates in Databases to Null
Convert your Code to Color-Coded HTML (Access 97)
Create a Database, Tables, Columns and Indexes Using ADOX
Create a Master/Detail Form using RDO and MSFlexGrid
Create a System DSN
Create an Access 2000 Database Using ADOX
Create an Access Database
Create DAO Database/Table with Multiple Rows
Create DSN For Oracle or Oracle8i
Create SQL System DSN Through Registry Edits
Create Your DSNs at Runtime
Create/Edit UDL (Universal Data Language) Files Version 2.3
Creating a Dataset with Customized Columns and Rows
Creating a Login Form That connect to the database to check the user and password that listed
Crystal Reports and Visual Basic Demo
DAO Calender/Scheduler
DAO Primer On Accessing A Table
Data access dll
Data Shaping and And Data Object Information Using ADODB and ADOX
Data Source Class For ADO Recordset Operations
Database Application Demo for Beginners
Database Coder Add-In Version 1.31: Generates Code to Create Replicas of Access Databases
Database Designer and Editor
Database Navigation Control with Demo Application
Database Operations Using Automatically Generated Class
Database Polymorphism
Database Program Illustrating ADODC Data control

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