Progress bar, ActiveX control, with 3 different styles
Properties Window Control Version 1.1
Put a Hyperlink on a Form
Recieve KeyUp/Down SystemWide
Replacement for the VB Frame Control
Resize Controls at RunTime
Rich Text Box Control That Supports Smilies
Ruler Control
Schedule calendar control
Scrolling Label Control
Scrolling Label Control 2
Scrolling Marquee Control
Self-validating Numeric Textbox Control
Shell Objects OCX
Simple Paint-like Application Example
Simple Progress Bar Control Version 2.0
Simple Radio Button
Skinnable Button Control with Many Styles
Small but Functional Progress Bar Control
Source Code Editor For All Languages; A Scintilla Wrapper Control
Splitter Control with Resizing, Docking, and More
SQL Server Database Control 1.0
SuperPicture - Custom PictureBox with Scrolling, Zooming, Panning
Syntax Highlighting Textbox Control
System tray icon ActiveX control
SystemWide VB Hotkey Control
Tab Control
TabDock Control: Provides Docking for Forms and Controls
Taskbar Icon Control for Windows 2000 Version 2.0
Testing Internet Connection State
TextBox Control Enhancement
This is an Excel style color picker.
Toolbox Button Control
Update Now! Control makes an easy way to add an Online Update feature for your software.
Use The MSFlexGrid Control Like Excel
User-Drawn Font List/Font Combo Controls With a WYSIWYG Display (Version 3.0)
User-Drawn Font List/Font Combo Controls With a WYSIWYG Display (Version 3.0) 2
Various Active X controls -- Font picker, Splitter, Hyperlink, and More
VB.NET OptionGroup (Likert) Control
VB.NET Rich Text Box With Background Highlighting
VB.NET Selector Component
VBA to Compute a Linear Regression Analysis.
VoiceAction: A Simple Speech Recognizer Control
WNCalendar: International Calendar Control v. 1.2
Word Document OCX: Converts Word Documents to Text
World Currency Conversion Custom Control
XP Style Status Bar Control
XP-Style Form Creator with Different Color Schemes
XP-Style Tab Strip Control

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