Gradient Box/Button Active X Control
Graphical Button with Many Features
Group Radiobox Control
Hot Key Control
Hover Button Control
HTML Label - Displays Formatted HTML without the WebBrowser Control
HTML To RTF Parser
Hyperlink (Web or Email) Control
Hyperlink Control
Hyperlink Control for Web, Mail, and Computer Links
Icon Extract OCX
Icon Menu Control with Support For Menu Drawing similiar to Office XP
Image Button Control (VB.NET 1.1)
Image Type Field Control with DataBinding Capability
IP Address Control (VB.NET)
IP Address Entry Control
Labeled Text Box Control
LCD Display Control
LED Display User Control
Lightweight Visual Studio-like Tab Control v 1.03
Lightweight Windows Blinds Toolbar
Limit text box input by type, size or string.
List Files in A Folder and Subfolders Without Scripting.FileSystem
Lookup Area Code by Zip Code Using a Web Service
MAC Style Pill Button Control
MCL Shaped button control (with hover)
MDI Task Bar control
MDITaskBar Control: Mimics the Windows TaskBar in MDI Applications
Media Player Control and Application
MorphListBox - Graphical ListBox Replacement
MSHTML ActiveX Control Wrapper. WYSIWYG HTML Editor Component
Multi-Column Combo Box Control
MySXP Client control, easy database client for MS MDB, XLS, CSV, HTML, ETC
NNTP Control
NotifyIcon -- A Control that places An Icon in the System Tray.
OCX for Displaying Subforms within a Parent Form
Open CD Rom Tray
Open, Close, Edit, Find/Replace and Print Word Documents in VB6
Option Group Control
Outlook Bar Control (Vertical Menu)
Oval Button
PhoneBox Control: Replica of the Outlook2000 PhoneBox
Picture Box Control With Transparent Colors and Stretching
Play Sounds in ASP.NET 2.0 Web Pages
Playing Card ActiveX Control with Container
Print Preview OCX
Print Preview OCX 2
Progress Bar Control
Progress Bar Control (VB.NET 1.1)
Progress Bar With Gradient Color Transition

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