CurrencyBox OCX Control
Custom Animated GIF Image Control
Custom Button Control
Custom List Control with Search Facility
Custom Menu Controls
Custom Paging User Control for ASP.NET DataGrid
Customizable Progress Bar
Database Navigation Control with Demo Application
Digital Clock Control
Digital LCD-like Counter Control
Digital Readout OCX w/ Different Formats
Dilbert Custom Server Control
DirectAnimation Text Rotation Control
Disk Information Control
Display text with various 3D effects
Dockable, Sizable, and Moveable Container Control
DotMatrix Simulated Display (.NET)
Draglist: A Listbox that lets Users Drag Items from One Position to Another
Draw Poker User Control
Draw Shapes, Lines and More with DXFWriter v.1.0
Drop Down Color Picker (VB NET)
Drop-Down Calculator Control Version 1.2
Dual List Box Control w/ Full Drag Drop Functionality
Dynamic Instantiation of User Controls: Demo
Editable Grid Control With Support for Combo Boxes and Check Boxes Version 2.0
Enhanced ADO Data Control
Enhanced Check Box/Option Button Controls
Enhanced CommandButton with Many Extra Features
Enhanced Flex Grid Control
Enhanced Masked Edit Control
Enhanced Scrollbar Control
Enhanced Text Box Control
Enhanced VB Menu replacement
EnhPrint OCX for printing MetaFiles in VB
Error Reporting via Email (VB.NET)
Event Spy Control: Capture Numerous Events Not Exposed by VB.
Excellent System Tray Control
Expanding Panel Control (VB.NET 1.1)
Export or Print Text from a List View Control
Extended TrayIcon DLL with balloon tip even displaying on win 9x systems
Flames Active X Control
Flat Button Control
FlexBox: Replacement for the Masked Edit Control v 2.0
FlexComboBox: Enhanced ComboBox
FlexListBox: Enhanced List Box Control
Folder Browsing Control
Frame Control That Allows you to Set Border Colors
Frame Control With Minimize and Close Feature
GetFile - ActiveX Control

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