"Lightweight" Print Preview Dll
.INI File Reader and Writer
.NET Config File Wrapper
.NET System Information Class Demo
1-click Customization of Controls
1-click Customization of Controls v2
24-bit Picture class w/ resize, crop, transregion and exposed bits
24-bit Picture class w/ resize, crop, transregion and exposed bits Part 2
30 Classes For 40 Instruments
A .NET Class to Calculate Circles
A Class For Searching Datagrids
A Class for System, Logical Drivers, Memory, Display Drivers, etc.
A class to Preserve message boundaries using TCP and the VB Winsock Control
A class to resize the controls on the form as the form resizes
A fast method for appending strings
A Feature Rich Custom Combobox
A High Performance Alternative To Dictionary and Collection Objects; Treaps in VB6
A Line Object Class
A Simple Pair Class
A Tooltip Customization Class
A VB.NET XML Retrieval Class
A Visual Basic SendMail DLL
Access MySQL databases using ODBC and ADO 2.7
Activation Key of Your Application
Add Images to VB menus and Turn Menus into Option Buttons
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView column Headers
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView Items
Add-In Template
ADO Utilities Class Version 2.0
ADO/MTS class.
Advanced File System API Function Encapsulator Version 3.3
Advanced Form Shaper DLL
Advanced Shell Class and Dll
All Purpose Utilities Classes
An XML-COM+ replacement for the ASP Session object
Application Logging Class
Application LogTool - DLL Version 1.2
auto complete combobox control
Automate Development of Desktop Database Driven Apps (e.g., Contact Lists)
Automate Excel to Solve Equations in Strings
Automatically Adding/Hide Horizontal Scroll bar in the ListBox control
Automatically Reposition or Resize Controls Upon Form Resize
Automatically Resize Controls in a Form/Container Similar to .Net Docking
Automatically Scroll Down/Add Horizontal Scroll Bar to List Box
Backup MS Access to A Text File
Base Conversion Class
Base64 Encode and Decode Files
Benchmark Your Routine
Benchmarking and StopWatch class

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