A Modified HTML Editor
A Timed Shutdown Program
Animate Web Pages and Email Using MS-Agent
ASP Chat Application Version 3.0
ASP Database Grid Implemented as a Windows Scripting Host Component
ASP Discussion Forum
ASP Forums
ASP Guest Book Version 2.0
ASP GuestBook with Administrative Options
ASP.NET MultiMedia Custom Control
Automatically Create an HTML Navigation Bar Based on Directory Hierarchy
Automatically Create Clickable Links From Strings Beginning with http
Base64 Encode/Decode Functions for ASP
Browse Users and Groups on a Domain In a Web Browser
Calculate Distance Between 2 Points Given Longitude/Latitude (ASP)
Capturing Basic Site Statistics Using ASP (Article)
Check to see if a date/time is during Daylight Savings Time, or Standard Time
Client-Side Validation of HTML Form Data Using VB Script
Close Internet Explorer Popup Windows
Code to display the Directory structure supplied to it
Color-Code HTML The Lazy Way
Complete Visual Basic Web Site
Convert HTML to PDF (requires Acrobat Printer Driver)
Create a Page-Through ResultSet using Frames
Create a Dynamic, Sortable, Pageable HTML table from a SQL Statement
Create a Rich Text File RTF in a ASP Page
Create a Test or Survery for Your Web Page
Create an array of individual words from a phrase entered in an HTML text box
Create and email a word document from ASP.
Create XML file with Client side Browser Input.
Create Your Own Dictionary Using XML
CSS File Editor
Currency Converter
Currency Converter Using XMLHTTP
Custom Query Builder for Oracle using ASP
Daily Reminders: A Private Alternative to using Outlook
Date Picker
Delete a Folder Using ASP
Design Specification Extreme Pro: Software Management Web App
Detect Credit Card Fraud Using SOAP Web Services
Developing XML Solutions From MS Press: Sample Chapter
DHTML Demo of Menu Effects
Display Binary Image Data From a Database on a Web Page
Display Headlines From an RSS Feed on Your Website
Display HTML on a Tree View Control
Display HTML on a TreeView Control
Display Page Numbers as Links
Display the Most Recent Code From on your Web Site
Display XML File Contents on a TreeView Control

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