A Modified HTML Editor
A simple chat program
A Timed Shutdown Program
An HTML image map of the USA with .gifs included.
ASP Calender Code
ASP Chat Application Version 3.0
ASP Discussion Forum
ASP Discussion Forum Like the one on
ASP Forums
ASP Guest Book Version 2.0
ASP GuestBook with Administrative Options
ASP In/Out Board
ASP Playground: Full Featured ASP Discussion Forum
ASP Scripts for Downloading Files
ASP SQL Server Explorer
ASP/Access Guest Book
Automate Development of Database-Driven ASP Applications Using VBScript
Basic HTML Editor
Browse the Web Hosts File System and Display Selected Files Either as Text or HTML
Browse Users and Groups on a Domain In a Web Browser
Close Internet Explorer Popup Windows
Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site -- Version 2.0
Complete ASP Shopping Cart for SQL & Access
Complete Visual Basic Web Site
Convert HTML to PDF (requires Acrobat Printer Driver)
Create a Page-Through ResultSet using Frames
Create a Test or Survery for Your Web Page
Create Your Own Dictionary Using XML
Crossword Puzzle Written in JavaScript, VBScript, and DHTML
CSS File Editor
Currency Converter Using XMLHTTP
Custom Query Builder for Oracle using ASP
Daily Reminders: A Private Alternative to using Outlook
Database Programming in ASP Part I: Introduction (Article)
Design Specification Extreme Pro: Software Management Web App
Display HTML on a Tree View Control
Easily Create an HTA Application
ECommerce Pro: ASP Shopping Cart
Editable ASP Events Calendar
Elegant ASP Online Photo Album
eShopping Cart Version 1.1: ASP Shopping Cart
Fast, pure ASP File Upload Solution
Filester v1.5: Sets up Free Web Hosting on your IIS Server
Html Editor Using DHTML Edit Control
HTML Editor with Menu-Driven Tag Insertion
HTML Editor with Web Browser
HTML Reporting Tool: Convert Recordsets or Arrays to HTML
HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor
HTML/Javascript Games
HyperMap: An HTML Image Map Creator

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