A Complete MMORPG Engine - vbGORE v1.0.0


Version Compatibility: Visual Basic 6

More information:
vbGORE is an open MMORPG engine that has been under constant development for over a year. It takes advantage of 3d hardware acceleration to create a beautiful 2d environment with everything from alphablending, lighting, shadows, scaling, rotation, and even a home-made particle engine using point sprites. It comes with two rendering methods, one using 4 verticies and another using D3DXSprite as a backup in case the primary doesn't work. Heavy optimizations have been done on both the server and client to allow for the best performance possible. The engine is fully functional with support of basic tasks such as movement, trading with shopkeeper NPCs, chatting, private messaging, stats, fighting and casting spells. Advanced features have been added, too, such as certain GM commands, an in-game mailing system, player-to-player trading, grouping, multiple server support (certain maps can be assigned to servers, then the user will seamlessly switch between servers when changing maps), NPC summoning and more! The server uses MySQL for the database to allow for easy management and modifications to the game information. Plenty of tools are included, too, such as a map editor and particle effect editor, along with a file processor which will allow you to easily run one of the many encryptions or compressions supplied by the engine. For encryption, theres the "short-and-sweet" like XOR and RC4, along with the more secure like Blowfish and Twofish. For compression, theres everything from RLE to LZMA, Deflate64 and even PAQ8l support for those who want to achieve the most ultimate compression. Input is handled through DirectInput combined with GetAsyncKeyState, allowing for a great deal of flexibility. Sound is handled through DirectSound and DirectShow (for MP3 support). The engine also offers a complete auto update server and client to automatically update the client's files to the latest version. The server sends the client a list of files and MD5 hashes, then the client tells the server which files it needs. All files are compressed with either MAC (Monkey Audio Compression, for WAV files) or LZMA at runtime to ensure the fastest transfers with the least bandwidth usage. For the networking, vbGORE uses the Winsock API to send highly optimized binary packets. Encryption can be enabled on the packets using either RC4 or XOR by default. To prevent packet spoofing, a series of keys are generated at runtime and are cycled through to make even the same packet unique every time it is sent, making the hacker's job very difficult. Because of the complexity of the engine, installation can be a bit of a challenge for those new to MySQL. Complete detailed guides can be found on the site (below) on how to set up the engine. Because of size limitations, only the code files and some media files are included. This is enough to see the engine's core, but not run it and experience it for yourself. TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST COMPLETE VERSION, GO TO www.vbgore.com

Instructions: Click the link below to download the code. Select 'Save' from the IE popup dialog. Once downloaded, open the .zip file from your local drive using WinZip or a comparable program to view the contents.

Download vbgoresmall.zip