Visual Registry Editor, with Registry Read/Write .DLL

Nathan Moschkin

Version Compatibility: Visual Basic 6

More information:
This package includes the following, all of which can be used in conjunction or independently of each other:
  • A registry browser/editor application.
  • A .dll to read and write data to the registry. This .dll will automatically decipher different variant data types (including vbArrays, which are converted to REG_MULTI_SZ registry types) and respond accordingly. It also has support for assigning a default value on read and saving the value to the registry (on read). This replaces the project called "Read/Write Data to the Registry With Automatic Type Conversion", which was previously posted in this place.
  • A Hex Editor Control.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The enhanced menu object at is required to run this application.

Instructions: Click the link below to download the code. Select 'Save' from the IE popup dialog. Once downloaded, open the .zip file from your local drive using WinZip or a comparable program to view the contents.